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Canada by Bike 

This past summer I made an 18-year-old dream of mine come true. I packed up my bike, my son and my parents and I cycled 7,200km across Canada.  Yes…..from one coast to the other in less than three months!


When I immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1996, one of my first thoughts was that I wanted to see the country on my bike. It’s taken a long time to make this journey a reality. Like most big ideas, it has meant a lot of work and some bumpy moments along the way, but it was worth it.



For the past year I have trained outdoors and indoors. Last fall I rode from Toronto to Gatineau in 3 days. Winter was tough due to snow and salt so I stayed indoors lifting weights 5 times a week. I also did 2 spinning classes a week. Since summer 2014 I have cycled over 5,000 km.


My journey began on June 9th from Victoria, BC and finished on August 24th in Cape Spear, Newfoundland. I logged 100-150 km a day depending on the weather. I past through all provinces, and close to 100 of towns and cities along the way. I took four ferries, past 8 provincial parks, 7 national parks and crossed countless amounts of bridges. The elevation varied from as low as -451m to +1678m.


I was the only one on a bike, but I wasn't  alone on this vast adventure. My trip has truly become a family affair with my wonderful parents agreeing to drive across the country and bring my 7 year old son along.  We all got to appreciate the wonder of our country together.



This ride was about more than just seeing Canada, it was about fulfilling my dream and listening to my heart. I just had this feeling that I had to do this, I don't really know why, it is a knowing or a calling, or something, but it is greater than me and I just know I had to listen and do it.

I also want to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. Everything in life is possible. I was probably in way better condition 18 years ago than I am now, but I still think I could do it. It is never too late. I also want to inspire my son and my parents. I am doing this for all of us. Not only that I will encounter the incredible beauty of Canada, but my body will also be tested to see if I can handle this adventure. If I can do it, anyone can.

Lastly, I would like to spread the word about my BIG dream, integrating holistic and conventional medicine together, something I stand for and live for. Wouldn't it be amazing if our Medical Care (OHIP) focused more attention on prevention and connecting mind and body vs separating the two and only focused on administration of drugs?


Here is a message I share as an owner and founder of Wholistic Care Center with the world:


Follow Anna's path:

Start: Mile 0

ALBERTA: 610 km



                                         ONTARIO: 1971km

   QUEBEC: 1070km



                                       NOVA SCOTIA:272KM

                                   NEWFOUNDLAND: 146KM
                                    FINISHED: August 24th, Cape Spear, NL

Anna Sienicka is a holistic practitioner, author, lecturer, the founder of Toronto’s Wholistic Care Center and a Health Coach with expertise in Women’s Health. 

Anna’s private consultations include nutrition, physical body training, mind-body connection, and one on one VIP coaching sessions.

Spark Skin Support, Anna’s leading edge skin care line, is made with all natural and edible ingredients, because 60% of what you put on our skin goes directly into your system. These unique skin products are now available in 4 locations including the Wholistic Care Center, located in the Dundas Medical Center in Toronto.

Anna also offers Public School lessons in wild and edible local plants, sustainability and biodiversity based on her children’s book entitled “Seeds and Weeds”.  She is also an avid mushroom gatherer and is considered an expert on rare and medicinal mushrooms of Northern Canada and Europe.

Incorporating nature’s elements into her practice induces healing responses in clients, and by integrating conventional and holistic medicine, Anna aims to create Holistic Clinics in medical buildings all across GTA and the rest of Canada.

This summer, Anna is attempting to go across Canada on a bicycle. This is her personal dream and she hopes to awake others to go for their dreams.

Anna is inspiring to many alternative medicine practitioners since she has managed to become successful (and everyday she is acquiring new opportunities)  in an industry that is incredibly hard to break through.  Please see Anna's social media networks for more info on some of her accomplishments thus far.

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